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Trips is a drill that requires you to move around the driving range a bit, using 1/3 of your bucket at each of the stations you will be practicing from.  You can start from either the left side or the right side of the range then work your way across to the other side.  You are going to hit 1/3 of your bucket from the left side, 1/3 from the center, and 1/3 from the right side.  Unlike other drills there are no rules for trips, this is simply an exercise to help you understand how positioning and sight lines affect your motion.  Be mindful of how each section of the range looks different as you move around.

Trips is going to prepare you to warm up for tournaments more effectively, understand how tee box positioning and sight lines influence trajectory and ball flight, and may just help you reinforce what you are working on with your instructor.  Often times people have a section of the range the makes them subconsciously comfortable or uncomfortable.  Enjoy exploring your mind as you work your way through this exercise.  Additionally, feel free to add in 5 Ball as you move around in order to solidify your findings as you grow confidence in your skill set.



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