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We are proud to host multiple tournaments each year to include course events, outside tournaments, and charity functions to help raise money for great causes.  Please call the golf shop if you have any questions regarding hosting an event or participating in one that is already on the schedule.

Course Hosted Tournament Policies and Procedures


General Information

The management team and tournament committee of River Birch are fully committed to providing all tournament participants the best possible experience before, during, and after hosted events.  These guidelines are intended to ensure a smoothly run tournament while allowing for feedback should someone care to share their thoughts or feelings.  Please read through all policies and procedures prior to participating in an event.

Pace of Play

Starting times, cart utilization, and formats of play are all an integral part of creating an efficient round for everyone involved.  Please adhere to a pace of 4 1/2 hours for a stipulated round.  In the event that a group falls behind their time par or is out of position relative to the group ahead of them, they will be given a reasonable amount of time to catch up without penalty.  The second such warning will carry with it a penalty of 2 strokes for the player/team.  If a third warning is warranted then the play/team will be required to skip as many holes as is deemed necessary by the tournament representative in order to get back into position.  Any holes skipped will be assessed the maximum score allowed by any player/team as written in the tournament rules sheet.  This pace of play policy is absolute and will not be altered without a majority vote of the tournament committee and management team of River Birch Golf Club.


Any and all flighting will occur upon completion of the first round of every multi-day tournament.  Scores may or may not be posted publicly by the tournament committee per the individual rules sheet for each particular event.  The tournament committee has chosen to flight players/teams based upon the philosophy of a reasonable number of strokes it will take to catch the leader of each flight.  Players/teams will be guaranteed the ability to catch the leader and improve within the stipulated stroke improvement guidelines for the event.  In the event of a flight containing a large number of players, scores will not be split in order to shrink the flight to a smaller number of players/teams. In the event of a player/team having questions regarding any flighting issues an email can be sent to ackiagc@yahoo.com describing the issue and the management team and/or tournament committee will address the matter within two business days of the tournament results being finalized.

Playoff/Card Off Procedures

In the event of a tie upon the completion of the scheduled rounds, the following process will be used to determine the winner:

Championship Flight

A sudden death playoff will commence immediately following the finalization of scores.   The playoff will continue until one player/team wins a hole outright.  In the event of play being discontinued due to weather or darkness the players/teams involved with the playoff will be given the option of evenly splitting the prize money associated with the positions that were involved in the playoff or executing the card off procedure listed below.

All Other Flights

Ties will be resolved first by the total score of the final day of competition, secondly by the total score of the back nine of the final day, thirdly by the total score of the front nine of the final day, and lastly by the handicap of individual holes in order from the most difficult (1) to the least difficult (18).

Inclement Weather

In the event of play being suspended due to inclement weather during any scheduled round prior to the final round, players/teams that failed to finish their round will do so once the weather clears (first off the next day if necessary).  If the final round cannot be completed by the entire field then a decision will be made by the tournament committee regarding how many holes will count towards the total score for the field.  Ties will be resolved based upon the aforementioned card off procedure for all flights, including the championship flight, that failed to complete the final round.

Social Media Code of Conduct

Any and all feedback is encouraged and welcomed between participants and staff in order to resolve any issues that may have risen over the course of an event.  Participants are asked to conduct themselves respectfully and with dignity when posting on any social media platform.  Any issues that arise are not intentional nor are they malicious in any way.  Open discussion to help events run smoothly in the future are acceptable, but blatant disrespect directed towards the course, management, staff, or other participants will not be tolerated.  If such a post or comment comes about then River Birch management reserves the right to disallow access to the individual(s) responsible for the post and/or comment(s).

Disputes/Communication with Staff

Given the busy nature of tournament functions anyone that needs to voice a concern or comment is asked to do so via email at ackiagc@yahoo.com.  Players/teams are asked to take this route and avoid interrupting the function of an event by avoiding any staff members who are performing scoring, awarding prizes, or any other obligation in order to facilitate the function of the event.  



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