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Ladder Drill

The ladder drill has been designed to add immediate progress and consequence to each putt that you roll.  Set a tee or coin down in one foot intervals along the same line (preferably a straight uphill putt) starting at 3 feet as shown in the diagram.

In order to complete the drill you will have to make the 10 foot putt.  Unlike 3-6-9 you only have to make one putt from each station for ladder drill.  You will start at the 3 foot mark then move back to 4 feet after making the putt.  Each time you make a putt you will move one station farther away from the hole and each time you miss a putt you will move one station closer to the hole.  For instance, when you make the 3 foot putt, then miss the 4 foot putt then you move back to the 3 foot station.

Be mindful of where your mind goes in terms of handling success or perceived failure.  It has happened many times where someone will get on a hot streak then misses a putt, let’s it get to them, and slides all the way back down the ladder to the beginning.

Happy climbing!


The spiral ladder drill is going to follow the same structure as the ladder drill in terms of setup and execution, the only difference being that no two putts will be along the exact same line.

Be mindful of how the line changes ever so slightly as you work your way around the stations.  You will want to identify the angle at which the ball is going to enter the hole and adjust each time you move.  Finding the appropriate marriage of speed and line becomes more challenging as the drill wears on.  Keep your wits about you and remain patient regardless of whether you are moving away from the hole or towards it.

Spiral Ladder



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