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This drill is all in it’s name.  Pull up your britches and get ready for the mental fits that this drill is likely to cause.  Due to the nature of this drill it is extremely important to set a time limit with scheduled breaks between practice blocks.  A practice block of 38 minutes followed by a 7 minute break is recommended.

 Follow the guidelines for this drill strictly as listed below:


  • 10 minute “putt around” to get a feel for the speed of the green.
  • 20 Foot Game to exactly 15 points with validation.  Every 5 points is a checkpoint.  If you fail to reach a checkpoint on a turn then go back to the previous checkpoint.  If you go over 15 points then you will have to go back down to 12.  Every time you fail to make a point you will need to complete a 5 station Around the World drill from 6 feet (you must make all 5 putts in a row to return to the 20 Foot Game).
  • 9 hole round with all first putts setup at least 15 feet in length.  You must have a total of 15 putts or less in order to finish this portion of the drill.  If you have more than 15 putts then you will have to repeat the 5 station Around the World drill as previously stated before starting the 9 holes again.  You must always complete the 9 hole round regardless of whether or not it is mathematically possible to finish.
  • Perform the 10-40 game for exactly 30 minutes and see how far you make it.



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