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Graduated Proximity

The Graduated Proximity drill has been designed to test your skill set with multiple clubs and a slight variation of a basic chip, the cut shot.  This is one of the more challenging drills that you will encounter in a basic chipping environment mainly because the farther you get into the drill the less appropriate the club usage becomes.  You will need PW as well as all other wedges in your bag.  If you carry 3 wedges then this will be a 6 shot drill and if you carry 4 wedges then it will be an 8 shot drill.  Prepare you mind for the most intense 6 or 8 shots of your practice career!

Set yourself 3 paces from the edge of the green to a target that is at least 10 paces from where you are chipping.  You will hit the following shots in the order that they are listed:

– Basic PW
– Cut PW
– Basic GW
– Cut GW
– Basic SW
– Cut SW
– Basic LW
– Cut LW

The process of the drill is simple but that is what causes it to get so intense as you work your way through it.  Create a circle with a 10 foot radius around the hole with tees, string, or both.

Your first shot must be within the 10 foot circle with every subsequent shot coming to rest closer than the previous one in order to finish.  If your first shot is not within the target area or any shot comes to rest farther away from the hole than the previous one then you will need to restart from the beginning.

Be mindful of the adjustments you make when toggling between the basic chip and the cut shot.  You will need to slightly adjust your landing area and be sure to strike the ground with your practice swing in order to feel how the club interacts with the turf.



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