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Coin  Flip

Coin Flip adds a fun twist to basic chipping practice by adding coins for targets rather than creating a target area for the ball to end up in.  You will need the following in order to setup and execute this drill:

  • Four coins (A quarter, a dime, a nickel, and a penny)
  • 8 iron and all of your wedges

Place the quarter on the green to indicate your landing area/target.  Starting with 8 iron you will need to land a ball on the quarter in order to move onto the nickel, penny, and dime in that order.  Once you have hit all four coins with 8 iron then move onto PW, GW, SW, and LW respectively.  The shots will get progressively more challenging as the size of the coins shrinks and as you use higher lofter clubs.  You can set a limit on how many balls you hit with each club or a time limit as you see fit.  This drill is meant to sharpen focus on the landing area while improving technique and feel without the expectation of holing out the shot.



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