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Around The World

Around the world is one of the most traditional putting drills in the game.  The idea is to putt from a set distance, making one putt at each station before moving to the next.  3 feet is a good starting point with five stations setup around the hole.  As you can imagine, the constant changing of the line makes this slightly more difficult than making multiple putts along the same line.

If you would like to challenge yourself from a set distance then you will want to assign a certain number of laps around the pattern, starting over at the very beginning any time that you miss.  Examples of this would be as follows:

  • 1 Lap Clockwise or Counterclockwise
  • 2 Laps Clockwise, counterclockwise, or one lap in each direction
  • 3 Laps – 1 clockwise, 1 counterclockwise, 1 clockwise

Staggered Distance Around the World

A not so distant cousin to the traditional Around the World drill is the the Staggered Distance version.  This adaptation of the drill adds an element of randomization in terms of alternating between two distances.  The diagram shows 3 and 6 feet as options but feel free to perform this drill from any direction.  Due to the fact that you will be adding a second distance, this drill grows from the original 5 stations to 10 stations.  It is recommended that you only perform 2 laps in order to add challenge to this drill so as not to overextend your focus during your practice session.

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