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9 Hole Round

Playing a 9 hole round on a putting green is most likely something that you have already done, but in the nature of this putting drill section you may consider adding the following ideas in order to challenge yourself a bit more…


  • All putts must be 15′ or longer
  • The first putt must go past the front edge of the hole.  If it ends up short of the hole, then move your ball one putter’s length away from the hole.  If you really want to challenge yourself then start over from the beginning of the drill if you fail to get the ball past the front edge of the hole.
  • Set a scoring goal of less than 18 putts
  • Play both stroke and match play when playing with a friend
  • Alternate between uphill and downhill and/or right to left and left to right putts in order to constantly change the speed/line relationship



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