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3 Amigos

3 Amigos is a bunker drill that requires you to use 3 different wedges.  Create a circle on the green (use tees, string, or both) with a radius of 20 feet.  Your goal is to get 3 consecutive shots into the target area, one shot with each club.  After successfully getting 3 shots in a row into the circle, shrink the circle by 5 feet in order to make it a 15 foot radius.  Continue shrinking the target area in 5 foot intervals until you get all three shots in a 5 foot circle.

There is a good chance that this drill will be the first time that you have hit multiple wedges from a bunker, making it extremely important to maintain an open mind as you work your way through the exercise.  Be mindful of your ball position, the bounce of the wedge (see “Wedge System” download for mor information about how wedges are built and/or perform), how the club interacts with the sand, how much sand is displaced, how far the ball carries based upon loft/bounce, and finally, how the ball reacts once it hits the green based upon loft/bounce.  These elements are extremely important as you build your shot inventory from the bunker.  You may just find a new favorite club to escape the dreaded sand bunker!



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