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10-40 is quite possibly the most difficult of all of the putting drills as it combines longer distances and making a much higher percentage of putts than the PGA Tour average for such lengths of putts.  Starting at 10 feet you will need to make 3 out of 5 putts in order to move back to the next station (15 feet).  The same rules apply at 15 feet to move back to 20 feet.  If you fail to meet the goal at any of the stations then you will move back to the previous station.  

Due to the difficulty of this drill it is extremely important to set a defined time limit rather working on it until finishing completely.  As of the time this drill was posted nobody has ever managed to finish it.  Do your best to hang tough mentally as this drill will test your patience, skill, and focus.

Given that 10-40 requires that you make putts rather then get them close or get in the hole in two putts, this is the first time that you can utilize “Makeable Pace.”  Makeable pace is defined as, “The pace necessary for the ball to hug it’s line all the way into the hole.”  The verbiage in this case is extremely important as all of the words are positive, direct, and require full commitment to the entire process of each putt.



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