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Speed Rails

The Speed Rails drill is a great way to gain an excellent feel for the relationship between line and speed.  You will need 4 alignment sticks or clubs and a moderately sloped area of the practice green in order to setup this drill.  Determine how far away you would like to start and position yourself as shown in the diagram.  The goal is to get one ball into each section without the ball making contact with any of the rails.  If you would like to make it more difficult then create a pattern or add repetition to the drill.  For instance, make one putt into the sections in the following order:  closest, middle, farthest, middle, closest.  Feel free to randomize as much as you would like in order to continue sharpening your speed control.

If you want to add a bit of competition to Speed Rails then setup two opposing stations from the same distance away from the rails.  You and your partner or team can set the parameters for scoring before changing directions.  Examples of games would be as follows:  switch sides each time someone makes it into the intended section, close out a section once a set number of balls ends up in it, set a patter than must be followed in order to switch, and set a time limit for switching rather than a number of putts.

When working with a partner it is extremely important to take your time.  Go through your pre-shot routine, take a practice stroke before each putt, and focus on a quality roll rather than putting quickly.  The point of this exercise is to gain the best possible understanding of the speed and line relationship, not hurry your way through to your scoring goal.



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